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Dive HMAS Brisbane Dive Report 27th January - 3rd February 2010

What a fantastic run we've had with the weather to date. Calm seas, great visibility and warm water, what more could a diver ask for?
Latest Coast Weather Forecast

Needless to say, we have had many very happy divers who have seen what the "Sunny Coast" has to offer underwater and also on top as well.

The HMAS BRISBANE has been hostess to a tremendous variety of marine life with Murtle the turtle still gracing the area with her presence, the huge Queensland Grouper have been seen time and time again as well as the many other varities of fish that have made their home on the ex HMAS BRISBANE. Hard and soft corals are now a real site to be seen as they take a good hold on the ship.

Dive sites on the Inner Gneerings have been serving up good viz too with reports of 12 and up to 20 metres viz on some days.

There may be a change to these stable conditions Sunday or early next week. We'll keep a close watch on developments.

The South West Rocks trip gets underway this weekend so we'll have a report on that next issue.

The Munda/Solomon Islands trip is now full and there are 2 spaces available on the Borneo dive trip.

Bookings are now open for the Vanuatu trip in November this year. Check the site for details on these trips.

We have a number of fully serviced ex hire scuba sets (regulator, occy, nav con computer and BCD) available for sale from $900.00. All of these units have had less than 2 years of use and are in excellent condition.

Dive Safe in 2010
Harry from Blue Water
HMAS Brisbane dive specialists Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia

Dive HMAS BRISBANE with Blue Water.

Dive HMAS Brisbane Dive Report 20th January - 27th January 2010

Clear water and no swell to speak of has meant that divers have experienced some fantastic diving both on the Gneering Shoals and on the HMAS BRISBANE over the past week or so. Dive conditions look like holding for the weekend too.
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Visibility has been in excess of 25 metres at times with regular reports of 15-20 metre viz. Water temperature on 26-27C makes for very comfortable diving.

The HMAS BRISBANE has 2 resident turtles there at present and a Leopard shark has been spotted on the sand on a number of dives lately. A Squarespot Anthias, usually found in deeper water was spotted in 10 metres of water on the ex HMAS BRISBANE. There have also been 3 species of nudibranch that are new to the area, identified on the ship. That wreck has just so much life and variety of life on it that it never ceases to amaze the most discerning diver.

Courses: We have a first aid course scheduled for this Thursday night. We also have a Rescue Diver Course scheduled to start this Friday evening/ Sat and Sunday.

Don’t forget to check out details on our Lady Musgrave “Live-a-board” trip in early May, or our



SIPIDAM BORNEO AUGUST 2010 2 spots left

VANUATU NOVEMBER 2010 6 spots left

Dive Safe in 2010
Harry from Blue Water
HMAS Brisbane dive specialists Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia

Dive HMAS BRISBANE with Blue Water.

Dive HMAS Brisbane Dive Report 12th January - 19th January 2010

Mertle the turtle has taken up residency on the HMAS BRISBANE. She’s been there for quite a few weeks now and has grown very used to divers being around.
Latest Coast Weather Forecast

25 metres visibility and seas easing to flat calm today Tuesday, makes for spectacular diving. There’s plenty to see on the HMAS Brisbane wreck but unfortunately the more information we post on this site about the type a marine life usually means that certain fisherman then target those species. We need a bit more than talk from the authorities to change the situation.

There is 20 metres viz on the Greering shoals too. Water temp is a comfortable 25C so who could ask for more? Take advantage of these conditions while they last and get into the water and blow some bubbles.

Mackerel are in the area and there’s been reports of amber jack and barracuda as well.

Dive Safe in 2010
Harry from Blue Water
HMAS Brisbane dive specialists Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia

Dive HMAS BRISBANE with Blue Water.

Dive HMAS Brisbane Report 4th January - 11th January 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

Christmas and New Year celebrations take a lot out of us all. There’s so much to celebrate at this time of the year and so many to celebrate it with. Latest Coast Weather Forecast

We’ve seen a huge number of divers celebrating by going for a dive. We have certainly been extremely busy over the holiday period.
Conditions have varied once again. We’ve had flat seas and not so flat seas, we’ve had good viz and poor viz with thermoclines bringing that colder dirtier water in, thankfully now, that has all gone and there was 20 metre viz out on the HMAS BRISBANE yesterday with 24C water temp. The Gneering Shoals was serving up 15metre viz and 24C also.

Interesting and varying life adds another dimension to the wreck dive. Local divers and lovers of nudibranchs, Gary Cobb and David Mullins joined us out on the HMAS BRISBANE on Saturday and were excited to find heaps of nudibranchs on the ship but in particular, they found a Phyllodesmium poindimiei which they hadn’t seen in the area before. Check out www.nudibranch.com.au That’s what makes diving so great, if you take the time to look, you will always find something new and interesting on every dive.

Dive Safe in 2010
Harry from Blue Water
HMAS Brisbane dive specialists Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia

Dive HMAS BRISBANE with Blue Water.

To dive the HMAS Brisbane you must complete appropriate paperwork. Spend more time in the water. Mooloolaba Queensland Australia 4557

HMAS Brisbane Blue Water Dive are one of only two South East Queensland scuba diving charter operators who are permitted to dive on the wreck of the ex-HMAS Brisbane off Mooloolaba.

For more information on Australia's Number One wreck dive site, follow this link to our ex-HMAS Brisbane web page.

By the way, we're diving on the wreck of the ex-HMAS Brisbane daily from our new centre at Mooloolaba.

This is a 'must see' Queensland wreck dive, so don't miss out, book now!

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