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Dive HMAS Brisbane Report 14th July - 21st July 2010

Diving on the HMAS Brisbane last weekend was a mixed bag. The strong winds and swell caused cancellation of our dives on Saturday however it really did quieten down for Sunday. There was still a bit of left over roll and viz was on 10-12 on the HMAS BRISBANE in most parts.
Latest HMAS Brisbane Weather Forecast

Tuesday this week saw viz still down a bit, probably due to the northerlies. The south westerlies and south easterlies predicted from tomorrow onwards should clear the water again for us. We’d love that 20+ viz back again.
In spite of the lesser viz the marine life on the big ship was exciting. Divers were really excited about the size and number of fish around the ship.
Water temp is between 19C & 20C.

The new Sealife DC1200 camera has hit the shelves and what a camera it is. Very easy to navigate around the menu and large ,’user friendly’ buttons. Wearing gloves and using the camera underwater should no longer be a problem. It’s worth a look. We have a couple in stock now. Drop in for a look.

Details are also out for our Truk lagoon (5-16 May 2011) and Tonga (4-11 August 2011) trips next year. We have received bookings for both of these trips already so don’t miss out. We will schedule a slightly cheaper third overseas trip later in the year details of which are still being sorted.

Also keep in tune for 2012 as we are looking at the possibility of heading to South Africa for the Sardine run during our winter 2012.

31st July this year is the 5th anniversary of the scuttling of the HMAS BRISBANE. We will be running some special dives out to the ‘big ship’ on that day. Be a part of the celebrations and book a dive now and be in the running for a free nitrox course. (valued at $399)

Dive Safe in 2010
Harry and the Blue Water Team
HMAS Brisbane dive specialists Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia

Dive HMAS BRISBANE with Blue Water.

This fully restored 11'6" marine plywood ski was originally built in 1970.
It was modelled after the famous Prot-Craft 1948 surf ski..It has been recently restored by a master craftsman and along with the silky oak paddle is for sale.
It is ready for the water or as a collecter's item and would serve either roll very well.

This ski was used to reach local reefs such as the Gneering Shoals, Mudjimba Island, Cook Island and Palm Beach and Kirra Reefs etc. for free diving and a little spearfishing.

Harry c/o Blue Water
Email: dive@Blue Water.com.au

Dive HMAS Brisbane Report 30th June - 6th July 2010

Our instructor, Matt, reported that as he lay on the "Mag Deck" of the HMAS BRISBANE today, looking to the surface, he could read the rego numbers on the side of our dive boat 2EZY.
Latest HMAS Brisbane Weather Forecast

That's clear water!!!! 30 metres at a guess. What fantastic conditions we've had lately. The last couple of night dives on HMAS Brisbane have left divers raving. Clear water and flat seas are ideal for night diving and there's plenty to see as well. The life on the ship is just fantastic with plenty of both big and small critters to entertain the diver. One downer is the amount of fishing that is going on out there, seemingly unchecked.
Matt and one of our guests today released 2 fish that had been hooked up and then tangled in fishing line caught up on the wreck. On Sunday another one of our instructors, with some help, had to cut her way free of a huge entanglement of fishing line. It's becoming a joke and the state government is not doing a thing about it.

Last week both Tony and I attended the annual Oceanic Conference which was held here on the Sunny Coast. What a privilege it was to listen to the founder of Oceanic, Bob Hollis, who still oozes enthusiasm for diving and speaks of future plans and product ideas. Having time to spend with Bob and his team during the conference and over diner was really special. Then to have Bob and his son, Mike (Pelagic Pressure Systems, Oceanic computer wizz kid) along with Chauncey Campbell (Oceanic's rebreather wizz kid) come visit our dive store was something else. There's virtually nothing in diving that Bob Hollis hasn't done, he is truly a legend. Check out this site for just what he's been involved in with Oceanic. It's just the tip of the iceberg.

The weather is still great at the moment and probably for the rest of the week but, you know what usually happens on weekends, well, it will possibly happen again this weekend going by early reports. But early reports can be and have been wrong so this is one that we are hoping is wrong. Already the high winds and swell predicted for Saturday and Sunday have been scaled back over the last 48 hours, so there's still hope for the weekend yet.
Dive Safe Harry and the Blue Water Team.

Dive Safe in 2010
Harry and the Blue Water Team
HMAS Brisbane dive specialists Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia

Dive HMAS BRISBANE with Blue Water.

To dive the HMAS Brisbane you must complete appropriate paperwork. Spend more time in the water. Mooloolaba Queensland Australia 4557

HMAS Brisbane Blue Water Dive are one of only two South East Queensland scuba diving charter operators who are permitted to dive on the wreck of the ex-HMAS Brisbane off Mooloolaba.

For more information on Australia's Number One wreck dive site, follow this link to our ex-HMAS Brisbane web page.

By the way, we're diving on the wreck of the ex-HMAS Brisbane daily from our new centre at Mooloolaba.

This is a 'must see' Queensland wreck dive, so don't miss out, book now!

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