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HMAS Brisbane Dive Report 2nd - 9th August 2011

Whales, whales, whales. Itís a regular thing on dives lately, to see whales on the surface and to hear whales while on the dive.Latest HMAS Brisbane Dive Forecast

It is just a great experience. 20 metre viz was the norm on Sunday and conditions look fantastic all through the week.
Absolute calm conditions today and this should hold for the next couple of days with great conditions still being around for the weekend as well.
Check out our facebook page for pics of diving on the HMAS BRISBANE over the weekend.
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Bill and the crew will be overdosing on whales while in Tonga from Thursday. The Philippines trip is full and we have one spot available on out Santo trip in October.
Keep your eyes peeled for our planned overseas trips next year, coming soon.

Dive Safe
Harry and the Blue Water Team

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HMAS Brisbane Dive Report 19th - 26th July 2011

Those south-westerly winds, although sometimes a little chilly are just great for flattening out the seas over the HMAS Brisbane.Latest HMAS Brisbane Dive Forecast

Visibility has varied over the past week. It was up to 15-20 metres and finished off the week on Sunday with 12 metres. Water temp is a sobering 18C but once again, those who dress for it donít get cold. Jumping into 18C when the outside temp is 6-10C is like jumping into a warm bath.

The whales are in full action at the moment with divers reporting that they hear whales on every dive. There has been the odd whale breaching in the distance but hearing them while under water is simply fantastic. South-westerlies for the rest of the week should mean that we can dive right through to the weekend.

Still finding plenty of fishing tackle on the ship HMAS Brisbane, seems like the regular patrols are just a little out with timing. Persistence will win in the end and the offenders will be caught and fined.

Dive Safe

Harry and the Blue Water Team.

Blue Water Scuba Diving Services

HMAS Brisbane Dive Report 8th - 15th July 2011

Flat seas, no wind, clear water, the sound of whales, winter diving at its best is here for you to savour. Latest HMAS Brisbane Dive Forecast

Sure itís a bit nippy early in the morning but the water temperature (19C) is warmer than the outside air temperature, (4-7C).
By the time you surface from your first dive, the air temp has climbed to a respectable level and life is good.

Donít miss this special time of the year for diving. Hearing those whales sing while you are diving the Gneerings or on the HMAS BRISBANE is just a special event. Thereís every chance that youíll also see them playing on the surface. During the surface interval on a dive on the Gneerings this week, the team was entertained by a whale that came within a couple of hundred metres of the dive boat while the boat was at anchor as our divers were having their surface break and cup of coffee. See what you miss if you scream back into the harbour for the surface break.

Weíve been enjoying 15-20 metre visibility on the Gneerings and also on the HMAS BRISBANE. The reports from divers on the amount of life around is exciting everyone.
Grab that warm jacket to throw over your wettie for the trip out and back and for the surface interval. Couple this with a cap or beanie and you are set. The only other item that will really see you comfortable in the water is a thermal undergarment, Lavacore. Put one of these tops under your wettie and you will be very surprised at how well they work. They do keep you warm.

All the best to our skipper Karen as she contests the Stand Up paddling State titles on Saturday.

Dive Safe Harry and the Blue Water Team

HMAS Brisbane Dive Report 19th - 26th June 2011

We have mentioned on a number of occasions that winter is the best time to dive because of the flatter seas and clearer water, well it is here. Winter that is, along with the flatter seas and clearer water. Latest HMAS Brisbane Dive Forecast

The past week and over the weekend the seas have been flattening down and water has progressively been getting clearer.

Thereís a chill in the air early in the morning but you soon find that itís warmer in the water than out.
A good fitting 5mm wetsuit will keep you warm and now that the water temp is on 18C the addition of a Lavacore thermal under garment with hood attached will keep even the frogs warm.
Visibility has hovered between 12-20 metres and that has been the case on the HMAS BRISBANE site and the Gneering Shoals.

Some rogue fishermen still openly break the law by fishing on the HMAS BRISBANE site in spite of the fact that it is a Conservation Park and there should be no taking of anything from that area.
DERM are patrolling the site and rangers have issued fines recently. Those who havenít been caught will be and will ware a hefty fine to remind them where not to fish.

Blue Water is launching its end of financial year sale later this week. Come in to check out the savings.

Dive Safe Harry and the Blue Water Team

Blue Water Scuba Diving Services

To dive the HMAS Brisbane you must complete appropriate paperwork. Spend more time in the water. Mooloolaba Queensland Australia 4557

HMAS Brisbane Blue Water Dive are one of only two South East Queensland scuba diving charter operators who are permitted to dive on the wreck of the ex-HMAS Brisbane off Mooloolaba.

For more information on Australia's Number One wreck dive site, follow this link to our ex-HMAS Brisbane web page.

By the way, we're diving on the wreck of the ex-HMAS Brisbane daily from our new centre at Mooloolaba.

This is a 'must see' Queensland wreck dive, so don't miss out, book now!

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