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Dive HMAS Brisbane Report 26th May - 2nd June 2010

Why canít we have this weather all year round???? This diving is just at a peak right now. Some may be deterred by a cloudy sky but how many divers can tell a story of their best dive when there were a few showers around and an overcast sky?
Latest HMAS Brisbane Weather Forecast

The visibility is on the HMAS BRISBANE is an incredible 25metres+ at the moment and has been for a number of days. The water temp. is on 22C and the marine life is just fantastic. Heaps of bait fish, schools of various pelagics plus the usual resident reef species are plentiful at the moment.

Diving at The Caves over the weekend, we had 25 metres viz once again. Many of the group got to see the Manta Ray who played around close by for quite a while. What enormous, yet graceful and harmless creatures these are. They are so majestic to watch as they swirl around the divers underwater. Unfortunately this one will no doubt lose the tip of one of its wings as there was fishing line and a fishing lure wrapped around the tip.

Moreton Island Report

Flinders Reef is always a great spot for a dive as was the case last weekend when a number of our divers jumped on board Supercat for a great day out. Viz was on 15 metres and it was turtle city out there. All reports were positive, the Nautilus crew looked after our guys well, fed them and brought them back home safely. What more could a diver ask? We will no doubt be back on board that vessel again soon.

HMAS Brisbane Night Dives

Night dives are back on the agenda once again now and the interest is high. Saturday 29th May is the set date for a single night dive on the HMAS BRISBANE. Meeting at the dive centre at 4pm, divers should be back by about 7.30p.m. There are spaces available still so get in quick. With only 12 divers on the boat, these dives are not crowded at all and hence the marine life doesnít get spooked. Our exclusive mid ship mooring also helps make the night dive easier and safer.

The dive conditions look like they will hang in there for the rest of the week and the weekend should be great for a dive as well.

Dive Safe in 2010
Harry and the Blue Water Team
HMAS Brisbane dive specialists Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia

Dive HMAS BRISBANE with Blue Water.

HMAS Brisbane Dive Report 18th May - 25th May 2010

Grab your dive gear; grab your hoodie and book onto a dive real quick.
Latest HMAS Brisbane Weather Forecast

For all of those who have been waiting for the conditions to calm down and clear up before you book for a dive; well you've already missed some great conditions so don't miss what's happening this week.

Those gentle South Westerlies are here and we have flat seas and very clear water. When you are in the engine room of the HMAS BRISBANE and look outside and you can see the sand on the bottom some 20 - 30 metres away, you have clear water. Water temp is hovering from 21C to 23C depending on ocean currents etc. and the marine life is just 'going off'.

Divers reported pods of dolphins on the surface and although we haven't seen any whales yet, there have been reports from a little further south that they are on their way. We should be seeing and hearing them very soon.

International guests have made up the larger percentage of divers in recent weeks. Once again, so many have stated that they came to the Sunshine Coast just because they wanted to dive the HMAS BRISBANE.

So don't miss these conditions, there's no guarantee that they are going to continue forever. You would be wise to bring a jacket and beanie to put on after your dives and you can experience some of these fantastic conditions you hear talked about so often.

If you think you might need some extra warmth under your wettie for this winter, then come and talk to Kelly as to what she thinks of the Lavacore thermal undergarment she bought recently. They are toastie!!!! Kelly will admit that she is a bit of a frog and has never been so warm since grabbing one of these new Lavacore tops.

We wish Trina a speedy recovery from her surgery.
Dive Safe Harry and the Blue Water Team.

Dive Safe in 2010
Harry and the Blue Water Team
HMAS Brisbane dive specialists Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia

Dive HMAS BRISBANE with Blue Water.

Dive HMAS Brisbane Dive Report 12th May - 19th May 2010

The long awaited south-westerlies have started to show themselves this past week or so. With these gentle breezes in the early morning, it really sets the scene for some great diving. Latest HMAS Brisbane Weather Forecast

Recently we have had a mixed bag but once again, those keen divers who have persisted in getting out for a dive, have been greatly rewarded. Amongst the rough days we've had, there have been some real pearlers with flat seas and viz between 10-15 mentres and water temp sitting on 23-24C.

There's still loads of marine life on the HMAS BRISBANE and some great activity on the Gneerings as well.

Last weekend saw a group of divers head up to Bundaberg for a few days of diving the Bunker Capricorn group. Reports of great diving, good conditions and plenty of great food is pretty well all a diver can ask for, isn't it? The group was aboard MV Venus 11 and managed to find good conditions for the 3 days of diving.

Our scheduled visit to the Wesley Hyperbaric chamber for a dry dive to 50 metres last week was postponed due to the intake of a patient from Cairns. This will be rescheduled within the week. If you are interested in joining us, them just contact the dive centre for details.

I.D.C. The PADI instructor program IDC is scheduled for late August/September with Tony Fontes conducting the program. If you are interested in launching into a career in diving, then you should come and talk to us about this 2 week program that would change your life and open up many opportunities.

Solomon's Trip:
The group has returned from their trip to Munda and from all reports, it was a great trip. After a snag on the first day with the aircraft being delayed, indirectly because of the volcano incident, the airline did the right thing and put them up in accommodation in Brisbane for the night, fed and watered them and sent them off bright and early the next morning.
Kelly did a great job.Having worked in the travel industry previously, she realised that no amount of jumping up and down and shouting will really put things right. So her calm and methodical approach saw the minor snags sorted. The food was good, the quality of diving improved as the week went on and everybody returned safely along with their luggage.

The dive trip to Borneo in August is full and everybody is eagerly waiting for the departure date. It will be some special diving there, being one of the top world renowned dive destinations.

Bookings are now open for our Vanuatu dive trip in November. We already have 8 people booked on that so spots are filling fast.

The weather is looking great for Wednesday, might be a little windy on Thursday but we're hoping that it will all settle for Friday and the weekend.

Dive Safe in 2010
Harry and the Blue Water Team
HMAS Brisbane dive specialists Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia

Dive HMAS BRISBANE with Blue Water.

Dive HMAS Brisbane Dive Report 28th April - 5th May 2010

The Inner Gneerings produced some 20 metre viz today, Wednesday. With water temp still on 24C, it was great to see such crystal clear water at The Caves.
Latest Coast Weather Forecast

When you look over the side off the boat and can see fish swimming on the bottom, you know that you've got some clear water to dive in.

The HMAS BRISBANE also produced some great conditions today. Viz on the big ship was 15-20 metres with plenty of marine life around as well. Light winds should hold for the rest of the week and the seas have flattened out. Let's hope this weather hangs around for the weekend.

Kelly returned from the Solomon's trip with many a story to tell. It's always interesting with these group dive holidays. The interesting point that I enjoy is the meeting of people from many different walks of life. They all have a story in life and with the different personalities within the group, it always makes for an interesting trip.

Tony is off soon to Sipadam with his group of 15 divers.

I get to enjoy Port Vila and then the Coolidge again in late October when I take another group to dive Vanuatu. We have quite a number of bookings for this trip already with a number of others making idle threats to join the group. This is always a great location with some easy diving in warm clear, still water to start off with before heading to Santo for some deeper diving on the USS President Coolidge.

The weekend trip aboard the MV Venus to Lady Musgrave Island still has room for any interested divers. This is another opportunity to meet interesting divers and get a heap of diving in, in just 3 days. Interested??? Call the dive centre for more details.

Dive Safe in 2010
Harry and the Blue Water Team
HMAS Brisbane dive specialists Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia

Dive HMAS BRISBANE with Blue Water.

To dive the HMAS Brisbane you must complete appropriate paperwork. Spend more time in the water. Mooloolaba Queensland Australia 4557

HMAS Brisbane Blue Water Dive are one of only two South East Queensland scuba diving charter operators who are permitted to dive on the wreck of the ex-HMAS Brisbane off Mooloolaba.

For more information on Australia's Number One wreck dive site, follow this link to our ex-HMAS Brisbane web page.

By the way, we're diving on the wreck of the ex-HMAS Brisbane daily from our new centre at Mooloolaba.

This is a 'must see' Queensland wreck dive, so don't miss out, book now!

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